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RS for Vine St. Group Home  & Horning 2 . Two years experience in DD field required. Supervisory experience preferred. Contact Michelle Madden at 330-296-2851 ext.207 w/ questions.
Current license to practice in the State of Ohio with on-call responsibilities.Susan Schaub at (330) 296-2851 ext 204  w/questions.
Typical Schedule: 7 days on (24-hours/day) and 7 days off, with additional meetings and trainings, etc. during off weeks. Min. requirements: 2 years in DD field and 2 years Supervisory. Contact Michelle Madden at ext.  207 w/questions. 
Program Coordinator FT 40 CO
Minimum Requirements: Bachelor's degree, 3 years in DD field, 1 year supervisory experience. Contact Michelle Maddden at 330-296-2851 ext. 207 with questions
Job developer FT 40 CO
Focus will be training, placement and coaching a diverse, adult population with disabilities. Min. Requirements: BA/BS, Must have flexible schedule including AM’s, PM’s, weekends and holidays, Previous exp. in job dev.,  training or supervision preferred & 1 yr exp working with individuals with disabilities.
Alexander PT4 18 SL
M, T, EOW 8a-2p
Alexander PT6 14 SL  M, W 3p-7p EOW 12p-6p  
Alexander PT7 18 SL
 TH, Fr i3p-7p EOW 9a-3p
Arcadia PT4 8 SL EOW 7a-3p  
Arcadia PT6 14 SL
community H. Mills Tues 5p-9p Fri 5p-8p EOW Arcadia 12p-6p
Arcadia PT7 27.5 SL
M,W Th,Fri 3p-8p EOW 3p-10:30p
Arcadia PT8 8 SL EOW 7a-3p  
Athena PT1 6 SL
EOW 4p-10p
Athena PT3 21.5 SL
M, F 2:15p-10p EOW 4p - 10p
Athena PT4 8 SL
EOW 8a - 4p 
Brady Lake PT2 8 SL EOW 8a-4p  
Brady Lake PT4 6 SL EOW 8a-2p  
Cle. Rd. PT6 18 GH EOW 7:30a-3:30p
T, Th 3:30p-8:30p
Cle. Rd. PT7 20 GH
EOW 7:00a-3:00p M, T, W, F 7:00a-10:00a
Cle Rd. PT8 16 GH M, F 7:30a-11:30a, Th 7a-10a, EOW 3:00p-8:00p  
Cle. Rd. PT9 20 GH
T, W, TH 7:30a-11:30a, EOW 7a-3p
Cle. Rd. PT10 8 GH EOW 8a-4p  
Cle. Rd PT11 13 GH 4 on 10 off: F,M 3:30p-8:30p S,S 7:30a-3:30p  
Cle. Rd. PT12 16 GH
EOW 3:30p-11:30p, EOM/F 3:30p-11:30p
Cle Rd. PT14 8 GH EOW 8a-4p  
Cle. Rd PT15 5 GH EOW 3p-8p  
Country Side PT1 6 SL EOW 8:15a-2:15p  
Country Side PT2 15 SL
M 3:15p-10:15p, EOW 2:15P-10:15p 
Float FT5 40 GH 1:00 p.m. - 12:00 a.m. availability to work at all sites  
Float FT6 40 GH 1:00 p.m. - 12:00 a.m. availability to work at all sites  
Float FT7 40 GH 1:00 p.m. - 12:00 a.m. availability to work at all sites  
Float FT8 40 GH 1:00 p.m. - 12:00 a.m. availability to work at all sites  
Float PT2 30 GH 1:00 p.m. - 12:00 a.m. availability to work at all sites  
Gary Dr. PT1 21 SL  Tues & Thurs 8a-2:30p Fri 2:30p-10:30p  
Gary Dr. PT5 27 SL Wk1 Tue & Thurs 4:30p-9p Sat 9a-6p Wk2 Sun 9:30a-5:30p Tue & Thurs 4:30p-9p 3/13-3/20/2019
Highland PT3 16 GH
10:00p-6:00a Every Fri, Sat PREM ($11.00 per hour)
Highland PT5 20 GH
M, W, F 4:30p-8:30p, EOW 2p-10p
Highland PT7 16 GH
2p-10p EOM, F, Weekend 2p-10p (4 on, 10 off)
Highland PT9 18.5 GH
M, W, F 6:00a-9:30a, EOW 2p-10p
Highland PT10 11 GH T, Thu 6a-9:30a, EOW 4p-8p  
Horning PT1 18 SL Th, Fr, EOW 9a-3p  
Horning PT2 29/31 SL Wk1Sun, W, Th 11p-9a Wk2 W, TH, FR, Sat (OSOC)  
Horning PT4 11/9 SL EO Fri & Sat 11p-9a  
Horning PT5 18 SL M, W, EOW 9a-3p  
Journey PT2 27 SL  M 4p-9p, W 3p-9p, Fri 3p-11p EOW 9a-4p  
Journey PT3 19 SL Tues & Thur 3p-9p EOW 4p-11p  
Journey PT4 13 SL Fri 4p-10p EOW 9a-4p  
Journey PT6 11.5 SL
community Christian Tues 11:30a-3p EOW12p-8p flex @ Journey
Journey PT7 8 SL EOW 12p-8p Flex  
Julie 1 PT2 24 SL Mon & Fri. EOW 3:30p-11:30p  
Julie1 PT3 14 SL
M 2:30p-8:30p, Tues EOW 12p-8p 
Julie1 PT4 8 SL
 EOW 12p-8p
Julie1 PT5 6 SL
  EOW 9:30a-3:30p 
Julie1 PT6 6 SL
   EOW 9:30a-3:30p
Julie 2 PT1 30 SL
Sat, Sun, Mon 11:30p-9:30a
Julie 2  PT2 11 SL EOW 9:30a-8:30p  
Julie 2 PT3 22 SL W 3:30p-11:30p, F 2:30p-8:30p EOW 3:30p-11:30p  
Julie 2 PT5 14 SL M, T 6a-9a EOW 7:30a-3:30p  
Julie 2 PT6 14 SL W, Th, Fri 6a-9a EOW 9:30a-2:30p  
Lake FT4 40 GH
Wk 1: Sun, T-F 2:30p- 10:30p, WK 2: M-Th, Sat 2:30p-10:30p
Lake PT7 16 GH
T,TH 7:15a-10:00a, EOW 10:00a-6:00p
Lake PT8 16 GH
Tues, Th 6:30a-10:30a; EOW 6:30a-2:30p
Lake PT9 12 GH
Fri 5p-9p, EOW 2:30p-10:30p
Lake PT11 16 GH
T, TH 5p-9p, EOW 6:30a-2:30p
Lake PT13 16 GH
M, W 5p-9p, EOW 6:30a-2:30p
Lake PT14 17.5 GH
Mon-Fri 6:30a- 10a
Lincoln PT1 32 GH
WK 1 M- TH 6a-12a Sat 6a-2p     WK 2 Sun 6a- 2p  M-TH 6a-12a 
Lincoln PT4 22 GH
Wk1 T, TH, 6a-10a  FRi 6a-12p Sat 6a-2p  Wk2 Sun 6a-2p T, Th 6a-10a Fri 6a -12p 
Lincoln PT5 16 GH
WK1 Sat 6a-2p T, Th 7a-11a  WK2 Sun 6a-2p T, TH 7a-11a
Lincoln PT6(7562) 16 GH 4 days on 10 days off Th, Fr, Sat, Sun Mon 2p-10p  
Lincoln PT8 20 GH
Wk1 sun 2p-10p T, TH 4p-10p  Wk2 Sat 2p-10p T, Th 4p-10p
Lincoln PT9 32 GH
Premium: Th, F, Sat, Sun: 10:00p-6:00a (Th, Sun reg rate, Fri, Sat $11.00/hour)
Lincoln PT10 12 GH T, Th 4:30p-8:30p, EOW 1p-5p  
Main #4 PT4 6 SL EOW 8a-2p  
Main #4 PT7 14.5 SL EOW 2p-10p Fri 3:30p-10p  
Main #8 PT2 16 SL
F, EOW 3p-11p
Main #8 PT3 6 SL EOW 9a-3p  
Main #8 PT4 6 SL EOW 9a-3p  
Meridian FT2 40 GH Wk 1 M-Th 4p-12a, Sat 4p-12a  Wk 2 Sun 4p-12a, T-F 4p-12a 3/15-3/22/2019
Meridian PT5 23 GH
M, W, F 3:30p-8:30p EOW 1p-9p
Meridian PT8 8 GH
EOW 7a-3p
Meridian PT9 12 GH
Th 5p-9p, EOW 10a-4p
Meridian PT10 12 GH
T 5p-9p, EOW 10a-4p
Meridian PT11 8 GH EOW 7a-3p  
N. Diamond PT2 8 SL
EOW 8a-4p
N. Diamond PT6 8 SL EOW 3p-11p  
PEACE FT7 40 DP M-F 8am-4pm 3/18-3/25/2019
Ravenna Rd. PT1 7 SL
EOW 8a-3p
Ravenna Rd. PT3 15.25 SL
Mon 2:15p-10:30p, EOW3p-10p
Ravenna Rd. PT4 28 SL
T, W, Fri 8a-2:15p & Eow 8a-3p
Sabin PT2 18/17.5 SL
F 2:30p-11p, EOW Sat 10:30a-8:00p
ST. RT. 14 PT1 8 SL EOW 8a-4p  
ST. RT 14 PT4 15 SL Thur 2p-10p EOW 3p-10p   
Tallmadge FT1 40 SL
OSOC: Wk 1: Mon, Tue, Wed 11p-9:30a, F 11p-7:30a Wk 2: Sun, Mon, Tue 11p-9:30a, F 11p-7:30a
Tallmadge PT2 22.5 SL
EOW 7:30a-2p, T 2p-11p , Fri 2p-9p
Tallmadge PT3 27 SL
EOW 3p-11p, M, F 2:00p-11:00p
Tallmadge PT5 8 SL
EOW 8:30a-4:30p
Tallmadge PT6 15.5 SL
EOW 7:30a-2p, Th 2p-11p 
Vine St FT1 40 GH Wk1- Sun, Tues-Fri 2p-10p  WK2- M-Thurs, Sat 2p-10p  
Vine St PT6 14 GH T, TH 6a-9a EOW 6a-2p  
Vine St. PT8 19.5 GH T, TH EOW 3:30p-10p  
Vine St. PT9 6.5 GH EOW 9a-3:30p  
Vine St. P10 6.5 GH EOW 9a-3:30p