Admin Manual


Table of Contents

A-101   - Mission
A-101A - Programmatic Mission Statements
A-102   - Purpose of Manual
A-103   - Scope of Services
A-104   - Consumer Bill of Rights
A-105   - Consumer Choice - Right to Self Determination/Self Management
A-106   - Confidentiality of Records
A-107   - Retention of Records
A-108   - Regulatory Compliance
A-109   - False Claims
A-110   - Cultural Competency & Diversity
A-111   - Strategic Planning
A-112   - Risk Management
A-113   - Performance Improvement
A-114   - Accessibility Plan
A-115   - Disclosure of Information
A-116   - Media Inquiries/Relations/Publications
A-117   - Critical Incidents

A-201   - Articles of Incorporation
A-201-1- Subsequent Appointment of Agency 
A-202   - Constitution and ByLaws
A-204   - Administrative Designation
A-205   - Conflict of Interest

A-301   - Referral Process
A-301A - Records Retention
A-302   - Admission Policy Residential & Support Services
A-303   - Human Rights Committee
A-304   - Grievance Rights/Process
A-305   - Reident Discharge/Transfer (ICF)
A-306   - Termination of Service (Waiver and SL)
A-307   - Appeal Process for Admission Denials, Transfer or Discharge
A-308   - Monitoring and Evaluation
A-309   - Individual Service Plan
A-310   - Individual Records/Record Retention
A-311   - Unusual/Major Unusual Incident Reporting
A-311A - Abuse Neglect and Misappropriation
A-312   - Residential House Rules (ICF)
A-313   - Missing Consumer
A-314   - Clothing and Personal Effects (ICF)
A-315   - Smoking
A-316   - Behavior Management
A-317   - Community Integration

A-401   - Consumer Health Services
A-402  -  Nursing Services
A-403   - Notice of Privacy Practices Dissemination
A-403A - Notice of Privacy Practices
A-404   - Medication
A-405   - Right to Refuse Medicaton/Medical Treatment
A-406   - Medication Error
A-407   - Day Program Medications
A-408   - Leave of Absence Medications
A-409   - Consumer Confinement
A-410   - Reporting Seizure Activity
A-411   - Emergency Treatment/Transfer
A-412   - Health Note
A-413   - Death of Consumer
A-414   - Delgated Nursing
A-415   - Do Not Resuscitate (DNR)
A-416   - Pandemic (Influenza) Preparedness Plan
A-417   - Employee Notification of Symptoms or Illness of COVID-19
A-418   - Employee Notification of Exposure to COVID-19
A-419   - Health Screening
A-420   - Medical Removal From Workplace
A-421   - Record Keeping
A-422   - COVID-19 Training
A-423   - COVID-19 Agency Cleaning, Disinfecting, & Sanitizing
A-424   - COVID-19 Vaccination
A-425   - Mandatory Face Mask

A-501   - Safety and Security - Residences/Facilities
A-502   - Fire Control, Evacuation, Drills and Fire Watch
A-503   - Bomb Threat
A-504   - Tornado/Windstorm
A-505   - On Call
A-506   - Storage of Flammable Materials
A-507   - Power/Utility Outage
A-508   - Emergency Preparedness Plan
A-509   - Disaster PlanningA-505   - On Call
A-510   - Communication in Event of Emergency Preparedness or Natural Disaster
A-511   - Active Shooter
A-512   - Pharmacy Service Periods of Emergency
A-513   - Paxit Disaster Preparedness Plan
A-513.1 - Dispensing Consolidated Paxit Bags
A-513.2 - Dispensing Paxit Medications by Tier

A-601   - Consumer Funds
A-601A - Authorization to Handle Personal Funds
A-601B - Personal Funds Ledger Sheet
A-601C - Personal Funds Account Ledger Sheet
A-601d - Bill Tracking ledger Sheet
A-601e - Site CC Purchases Ledger Sheet
A-601f - Cash On Hand Ledger Sheet
A-601g - Food Stamps Ledger Sheet
A-601h - Miscelaneous Ledger Sheet
A-601i - Receipt Vouchers
A-602   - Internal Audit & Control
A-602A - Petty Cash Ledger/Budget Worksheet
A-603   - Residential Petty Cash
A-604   - Financial Budget/Review
A-605   - Billing Audit
A-606   - Capital Asset and Depreciation Guidelines

A-701   - Housekeeping
A-702  - Maintenance

Appendix A - Abbreviations
Appendix B - Glossary
Appendix C - Risk Assessment for Potential Hazards For Independence