HR Policies

Human Resource Policies:

Human Resources Administration
HR101   - Personnel Policies
HR101a - Acknowledgement of Review of Human Resources Policies
HR102   - Employee Selection and Hiring
HR103   - Personnel Records HR104   - Regulatory Compliance
HR105   - Legal Activity Compliance

HR201   - Employee Benefits
HR202   - Vacation Leave
HR203   - Holidays
HR205   - Bereavement Leave
HR206   - Sick Time
HR207   - Jury Duty/Other Civic Responsibility
HR208   - COBRA

HR301   - Wage and Salary Program
HR302   - Position Description
HR303   - Time Recording
HR304   - Overtime

HR401   - Training

Employee Relations
HR501   - Employee Personal Property
HR502   - Dress Code Policy
HR503   - Performance Reviews
HR504   - Employee Harassment and Discrimination
HR505   - Grievance Procedure/Problem Solving Process
HR506   - Telephone Usage
HR507   - Volunteers
HR508   - Visitors
HR509   - Tobacco Policy

HR601   - Employee Classifications and Changes in Status
HR602   - Computer Use
HR602a - Workstation Security
HR603   - Licenses - Professional
HR604   - Leaves of Absence
HR605   - Work Scheduling
HR606   - Resignation and Termination of Service
HR607   - Reduction in Force
HR608   - Care and Use of Agency Property
HR609   - Business Ethics and Conflict of Interest
HR610   - Travel/Expense Reimbursement
HR611   - Discipline Proceudres
HR612   - Call-Off Policy
HR613   - Absenteeism/Attendance
HR614   - Request for Time Off/Switch

HR701   - Health and Safety
HR702   - Injury or Illness on Duty
HR703   - Corporate Safety Statement
HR704   - Drug Screening