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Care Cordinator FT 40 CO
Current RN  license to practice in the State of Ohio with on-call responsibilities and 3 years of Managment experience. Contact at (330) 296-2851 ext 204 or Michelle Madden ext 207 w/questions.
RS for Lincoln Group Home & Gary 2. 2years experience in DD field required. Supervisory experience preferred.
RS for Meridian Group Home & Horning 2. 2 years experience in DD field required. Supervisory experience preferred. 
RS for Cleveland rd. / First Ave . 2 years experience in DD field required. Supervisory experience preferred.
RS for  S. Meridian & S. Meridian 2 and Main4. 2 years experience in DD field required. Supervisory experience preferred.
RS for Lake Group Home & Ravenna Rd. 2 years experience in DD field required. Supervisory experience preferred. 
RS for Alex/Tallmadge. 2 years experience in DD field required. Supervisory experience preferred
SL Admin Assist FT 40 CO 3-5 years in DD field, Must be detailed orientated and organized.  Knowlege of CPT tool and Mrc and QA perferred.  This postion will have one day off during week and work EOW.  
Alexander PT1 16 SL
Wk1 Sun 2:30p-10:30p, Wk2 Sat 2:30p-10:30p 
Alexander PT3 12 SL
wk1 Sun 8:30a-2:30p, Monday 8:30a-2:30p, Wk2 Mon 8:30a-2:30p and Sat 8:30a-2:30p
Alexander PT4 6 SL
wk1 Sat 8:30a-2:30p  wk2 Sun 8:30a-2:30p
Arcadia PT2 30 SL
OSOC: Sun, Mon, Sat 10p-8a
Arcadia PT4 18 SL
wk1 S, W, Th 8a-2p wk2 W, Th, Fr S 8a-2p
Arcadia PT7 26 SL
wk1 M. T, Fr 8a-2p  wk2 Sun 2p-10p M, T, Fr 8a-2p
Arcadia PT9 7 SL
Community S. Parker Tues 10a-2p Wed 9a-12p
Athena PT1 16 SL
WK1 Sun, Mon 2p-10p Wk2 Mon, Sat 2p-10p 
Athena PT2 28.5 SL
Thur, Fri, Sat  10p-8a  (OSOC 10:30p-6:30a) 
Athena PT3 8 SL
wk1 Sat 2p-10p  wk2 Sun 230p-10p
Athena PT4 8 SL
wk1 Sun 8a-2p  wk2  Sat 8a-2p
Brady  PT2 6 SL
wk1 Sun 8a-2p   wk2  Sat 8a-2p
Brady  PT4 24 SL
wk1 Tue, Thur,  8a-2p Sat 8a-2p  wk2 Sun 8a-2p Tue,Thur 8a-2p
Cle Rd. FT1 40 GH
Sat - Wed 12a-8a
Cle Rd. FT3 40 GH
Wk1- M - TH 3:30p-11:30p, Sat 4p-12a
Wk2- T - F 3:30p-11:30p Sun 49-12a
Cle Rd.  FT4 40 GH
Wk1- Sun 4p-12a M  - TH 4:00p-12:00a
Wk2- T - F 4:00p-12:00a Sat 4p-12a
Cle.Rd. PT5 26 GH

WK1- Mon 4p-12a, W & Fri 3:30p-8:30p, Sat 3:30p-11:30p

WK2- Mon & Wed 3:30p-8:30p, Fri 4p-12a, Sun 3:30p-11:30p

Cle. Rd. PT6 18 GH
"EOW 7:30a-3:30p T, Th 3:30p-8:30p"
Cle.Rd PT8 14 GH
 Wk1 Sun, Wk2 Sat 3p-8p   M, F 8a-11:00a, Th 730a-930a 
Cle. Rd. PT9 17 GH
Wk1 Sat, Wk2 7a-3p  T, W, TH 8:a-11:a
Cle. Rd. PT10 8 GH EOW 8a-4p  
Cle. Rd PT11 13 GH 4 on 10 off: F,M 3:30p-8:30p S,S 7:30a-3:30p  
Cle. Rd PT12 16 GH
EOW 3:30p-11:30p, EOM/F 3:30p-11:30p
Cle Rd. PT14 8 GH EOW 8a-4p  
Cle. Rd PT15 5 GH EOW 3p-8p  
Float FT5 40 GH 1:00 p.m. - 12:00 a.m. availability to work at all sites  
Float FT6 40 GH 1:00 p.m. - 12:00 a.m. availability to work at all sites  
Float PT2 30 GH 1:00 p.m. - 12:00 a.m. availability to work at all sites  
First Ave SPC 40 SL
 wk1 Sun-Tue 2p-10p, Thur, Fri     wk2 Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri Sat
First Ave PT4 16 SL
 wk1 w 2p-10p Sat 2p-10p wk2 Sun 2p-10p W
Gary Dr. PT1 8/4 SL
 wk1 Mon 12:30p-2:30p, Th 11:30a-1:30p (community BC)  Sat 7a-3p wk2 Sun 7a-3p then same as above
Gary Dr. PT2 7 SL
Week 1 Sun 3p-10p,   Week 2 Sat 3p-10p 
Gary Dr. PT3



Wk 1- M 2p-10p, Sat 3p-10p Wk 2- Sun 3p-10p, Mon 2p-10p
Gary Dr. 2 PT2 6/7.5 SL
Wk1 Sat 8a-2p, wk2 Sun 8a-330p
Gart Dr,2 PT4 16 SL
wk1 Fri 2p-10p Sat2p-10p  wk2 Sun 330p-1130p, Fri 2p-10p
Gary Dr. 2 PT6 8 SL
wk1 Sun 330p-1130p wk2 Sat 2p-10p
Highland FT1 40 GH
Sun-Thurs 10:00 pm - 6:00 am
Highland PT5 20 GH M, W, F, 4:30p-8:30p, EOW 6a-2p  
Highland PT6 16 GH
T, Th 4:30p-8:30p, EOW 6a-2p
Highland PT7 16 GH
2p-10p EOM, F, Weekend 2p-10p (4 on, 10 off)
Highland PT8 20 GH
M-F 6a-9:30a
Highland PT10 8 GH 10:00am - 6:00pm Every Saturday and Sunday, PREMIUM POSITION =$11.55 per hour  
Horning 2 PT1 30 SL
wk1 M, T, Th, F, Sat 8a-2p wk2 Sun, M, T, Th, Fri
Journey PT2 19/19.5 SL
wk1 Sun 9a-3p, Mon, Fri 3p-10p  wk2 M, 9a-3p, Fri 3p-9p Sat 8:30a-3p
Journey PT3 7/17 SL
wk1 Sun 3p-10p, (Tu, 3p-8p(RD), Th 10a-4p, Fr 12p-6p(GP) Community)  wk2 same then Sat 3p-11p
Journey PT4 6.5 SL
wk1  Sat 8:30a-3p  wk2 Sun 9a-3p
Journey PT5 4 SL Community RD 12p-4p WK2  
Julie 1&2 SPC 40 SL
Wk1 Sun 3p-11p (Julie 1), Tue-Th 230p-1030p  (Julie 2) Wk2  Tue-Th 230p-1030p (Julie 2), Sat 3p-11p (Julie 1) 4floating hours
Julie 1 PT1 28 SL
Sat-Mon 11:00p-9:00a (OSOC 12a-6a)
Julie 1 PT2 8 SL
wk1sat, wk2 Sun (EOW 9a-3p)
Julie1 PT3 16 SL
wk1 sat Wk2 sun (EOW 9a-3p)
Julie1 PT5 12/8 SL
wk1 Sat 3p-11p wk2 Sun 3p-11p
Julie 1 PT6 16 SL
wk1 Sun 4p-12a Julie 2, Mon 3p-11p Julie 1 wk2 Mon 3p-11p Julie 1, Sat 2:30p-1030p Julie 2
Julie 2 PT1 28 SL
Thur 1030p-9a, Fri 10:30p-6:30a, Sat 1030p-8a
Julie 2  PT2 8 SL
wk1 Sun 8-4p Wk2 Sat 630a-230p
Julie 2 PT3 16.5 SL
wk1 Mon 230p-11p, Sat 630a-230p, wk2 Sun 8a-4p, Mon 230p-11p
Lake PT5 20 GH M, W, F 715a-1030a, EOW 10a-6p  
Lake PT7 16 GH
T,TH 7:15a-10:00a, EOW 10:00a-6:00p
Lake PT9 12 GH
Fri 5p-9p, EOW 2:30p-10:30p
Lake PT11 16 GH
T, TH 5p-9p, EOW 6:30a-2:30p
Lake PT12 32 GH
Premium: Th, Fri, Sat, Sun 10:30 pm- 6:30 am (16 Reg hrs, 16 Prem hrs $11.55/HR)
Lake PT13 16 GH
M, W 5p-9p, EOW 6:30a-2:30p
Lake PT14 17.5 GH
Mon-Fri 6:30a- 10a
Lake PT16 18.5 GH
M,W,F 6:30a-10:30a, EOW 6:30a-2:30p Wk1 Sat
Lincoln FT1 40 GH
Sun-Thur 10:00p-6:00a
Lincoln PT1 32 GH
Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon 10p-6a
Lincoln PT2 20 GH
WK 1 Sun 6a-2p M, W, F 6a-10:30a  WK2  Sat 6a-2p M, W, F,  6a-10:30a
Lincoln PT3 26 GH
M,W,F 4p-10p EOW 2p-10p
Lincoln PT4 21.5 GH
Wk1 Sun 6a-2p, M, W, Fri, 6a-10:30a  Wk2 Sat 6a-2p M, W, Fri  6a-10:30
Lincoln PT5 17 GH
WK1 Sat 6a-2p Tue, Thur 6a-10:30a WK2 Sun 6a-2p Tue, Thur 6-10:30a
Lincoln PT6 17 GH
WK1 Sat 6a-2p, Tue, Thur 6a-10:30a Wk2 Sun 6a-2p, Tue, Thur 6a-1030a
Lincoln PT7 16 GH
WK1 Sun 2p-10p , F 2p-10p WK2 Sat 2p-10p M, 2p-10p
Lincoln PT8 20 GH
Wk1 sun 2p-10p T, TH 4p-10p Wk2 Sat 2p-10p T, Th 4p-10p
Main #4 PT1 10 SL
Wed 4p-9p Fri 4p-9p
Main #4 PT2 12/18 SL
wk1 Sun10a-2p, Tue 4p-8p, Thur 5p-9p wk2 Tue 4p-8p, Thur 5p-9p
Meridian PT3 16 GH
Fri-Sat 10p-6a (Premium $11.55)
Meridian PT4 20 GH
M-Fri 6a-10a
Meridian PT5 24 GH
 Wk1 Sun, M, W, F 4p-8p EOW 7a-3p
Meridian PT6 16 GH
T, TH 4p-8p, EOW 7a-3p
Meridian PT7 24 GH
Wk 1 M, W, F 6A-10A, S 6A-2P and Wk 2 SUN 6A-2P, M,W,F 6A-10A
Meridian PT8 16 GH
T, TH 6A-10A, EOW 6A-2P
Meridian PT9 9.5 GH
WK1 TUE 430P-830P, EOW 3P-830P
Meridian PT10 12 GH
TH 430P-830P, EOW 2P-10P
Meridian PT11 13.5 GH
WK1 SUN 3P-830P, F 2P-10P  WK2 M 2P-10P, SAT 3P-830P
Peace PT10 30 DP
M-F 9a-3p
Ravenna Rd PT1 6 SL
wk1 Sat 8-2 wk2 Sun 8-2
Ravenna Rd PT2 29.75 SL
Sun, Tue,Thur 10p-8a ( OSOC 10p-6a)
Ravenna Rd. PT3 6 SL
Wk 1 Mon, Sat 2p-10p,  Wk 2 Sun, Mon 2p-10p
Sabin PT1 7 SL
Wk2 Sat 4p-11p
Sabin PT2 7 SL
Wk 1 Sat 4p-11p wk2 Sun 4p-11p
Sabin PT3 16 SL
Friday, Sat 11p-7a (OSOC 11p-6a)
S. Mer PT2 18/22 SL
wk1 Sun 9a-1p Tu, W 430p-1130p Wk2 Tue, W, 430p-1130p, Sat 9a-5p
S. Mer 2 PT3 14/6 SL
Wk1 Thur 130p-930p, Sat 330p-930p Wk2 Sun 330p-930p
S. Mer 2 PT5 16w2 SL
wk2 Thu 130p-930p, Sat 730a-330p
Tallmadge PT1 6.5/2.5 SL
wk1 Sun 730a-2p, Fri 12p-230p(Community GM), wk2 Fri  12p-230p(GM), Sat 730a-2p
Tallmadge PT2 18/3.5 SL
wk1 Tue 1030a-2p(Community CH), Fri, Sat 2p-11p wk 2 Sun 730a-430p, Fri 2p-11p
Tallmadge PT4 32 SL
"Wk 1 Sun 11p-930a Thur 830p-930a, Sat 11p-730a Wk 2 Wed 11p-930a, Thur 830p-930a and Sat 11p-730a"
Tallmadge PT6 9 SL
wk1 Sun 2p-11p Wk2 Sat 2p-11p
Vine  PT1 22 GH
Wk1 M, W,630a-930a Friday 630a-230p Sat 630a-230p Wk2 Sun 630a-230p, M, W, 630a-930a Fri 630a-230p
Vine PT2 20 GH
WK1 Sun 630a-230p, Tue, 630a-930a Th 630a-230p  WK2 Tue, 630a-930a,Th 630a-230p, Sun 630a-230p
Vine PT3 16 GH
WK1 , Mon, Sat 230p-1030p Wk 2 Sun, Fri 230p-1030p 
Vine PT4 16 GH
Every Fri, Sat 1030p-630p (Premium $11.55)
Vine PT5 24 GH
Wk1 Sun 1p-7p, M, W, F 3p-9p  WK2 M, W, F 3p-9p, Sat 1p-7p
Vine PT6 18 GH
Wk1 Tue, Th 3p-9p, Sat 1p-7p, WK2 Sun 1p-7p, Tue, Thur 3p-9p